How to fix vue-cli slow project creation

So last week I decided to dive into Vue.js framework and was so excited for the new experience.


I globally installed Vue and vue-cli and made an attempt to create my first local Vue repo by running: vue create <project-name>

30 mins later it was still running despite the unusually fast internet. I also tried using the GUI creation method by running vue ui, same thing. I wasn't impressed!


I really wanted to learn Vue. I even made a reusable Vue boilerplate. SMH


Few google searches and a headache later I found a solution and here is how it was fixed.


Step 1

Check the vue configuration run vue config

Step 2

Update the configuration file named '.vuerc' in the resolved path by running the command sudo nano <Resolved file path> and change useTaobaoRegistry to false

Step 3

Save the configuration by pressing CTRL+X and then Y

That's all. You can now create vue project with vue-cli / GUI

I hope you find this helpful? See you in my next post

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Jozef Culen's photo

Thanks, was searching for solutions and only this one worked.

Adavize Ozorku's photo

I'm glad it worked for you Jozef.